Core Knowledge Curriculum Details

Home Work Expectations

Your support as a parent/guardian is critical and will greatly impact your child's success at Frontier Academy. Homework is a significant part of your child's academic year. The practice at home will help reinforce the knowledge students have gained throughout the school day and will cultivate personal responsibility and time management skills. Create a “homework zone” in your home that helps your child focus more completely on the task at hand. A specific description of homework expectations will come from your child's teacher at the beginning of the school year.

Curriculum and Core Knowledge Details

Saxon Math - Students from Kindergarten through Fifth Grade use this nationally recognized math program, which has two major traits. The first is incremental development - dividing concepts into small, easily understood pieces that are taught over many lessons. A major concept is developed over time. Students are not expected to completely understand a concept the first time it is taught; rather, continuous practice (the second trait) is provided so that these skills and concepts are practiced throughout the year. Each worksheet or problem set contains a few problems from the daily lesson. The remaining problems provide practice of the concepts previously taught and they become increasingly difficult as the year progresses.

Reading Mastery through Direct Instruction - This program, used from Kindergarten through Second Grade, places emphasis on the teaching of thinking skills and the acquisition of background knowledge. Students learn phonics through decoding and how to comprehend information in a variety of ways, including reflections, predictions, comparisons and word meanings. Every skill taught enhances reading.

Reading Wonders - This is the natural extension of Reading Mastery, taking over from Second Grade through Fifth Grade. It emphasizes advanced reading comprehension and “reading to learn.” It also provides a step-by-step approach to teaching students writing and grammar.

Scholastic Reading Counts - This significant program, used with all first through fifth grade students, is part of the library curriculum. Some 9,000 books in our elementary library are part of Reading Counts, where students read appropriately challenging books and then take a comprehension quiz on the library computers. Students earn points by passing quizzes, and each student sets a personal point goal each quarter. Points are redeemable for prizes at the quarterly Reading Counts store and are also part of the student's reading grade.

Core Knowledge - A grade-by-grade sequence of specific content guidelines in history, geography, mathematics, science, language arts and the fine arts. Core Knowledge is learning built upon learning.

The Eight Keys of Excellence - The Eight Keys of Excellence is character education that builds positive behavior to support a strong school culture. The 8 Keys are: Integrity, Failure Leads to Success (we learn from our mistakes), Speak with Good Purpose, This Is It (Give 100%), Commitment, Ownership, Flexibility and Balance. The Eight Keys define our school culture and are expected behavior for our students. Character is developed through a coherent program of expectations, modeling and accountability.

Specials - All elementary students participate in five “specials” classes – art, music, physical education, media, and fine arts – every week. The art, fine arts, and music curriculum follow the Core Knowledge sequence and often enhance what is being taught in history, geography units and Core literature & poetry. Media includes technology instruction; students are given time each week to work on research skills and grade-appropriate technology use, including introduction to computers, the Internet, keyboarding, and Power Point. The physical education curriculum stresses fitness, positive peer interaction and lifelong good health choices.

Secondary School

Our high school program builds on a strong foundation of the K-8 Core Knowledge Curriculum. We have developed a high school curriculum that is challenging yet encourages students to reach their potential and strive to work hard. We have designed a program that will help prepare students for acceptance and achievement in colleges, universities, or other post-secondary programs. Frontier Academy's graduation requirements exceed the state requirements and surpass the expectations of most other high schools, especially in core areas such as English, Mathematics, and Science. Our curriculum exceeds the 2010 Colorado Commission of Higher Education admission requirements. Our secondary school uses the Impact Math program for 6th, 7th & 8th Grade. Pre-Algebra through AP Calculus are offered to our high school students. All 6th through 12th grade students have an Access class which is a time where students have access to their teachers so they can receive homework help & have questions answered regarding assignments.

Advanced Placement - Frontier Academy students are given the opportunity to achieve in classes that are academically rigorous to better prepare themselves for post-secondary opportunities. You will also have the opportunity to take Advanced Placement (AP) courses. In addition, AP classes are geared towards taking the AP exam for that class. If the AP exam is passed, most colleges will give you credit for the course. AP classes will be indexed to help determine class rank. If the student takes an AP class and does not take the AP test the student is not entitled the weighted grade. Due to the rigor of AP courses, it is imperative that students keep up with assigned course work. Students who fail to turn in 3 assignments may be dropped from the AP course with a withdrawal fail grade. If a student misses more than 3 entire classes per semester, the student may be dropped from the course.

Postsecondary Education Options - Juniors and Seniors are able to enroll at Aims Community College or the University of Northern Colorado during the regular school year for high school and college credit. Last year out students took 100 semester hours at Aims Community College. Course study ranged from aviation to nursing to fire science.

Elective Week Classes - Elective week classes are specialized elective courses not offered as general semester classes. These are designed to give students a chance to earn one half credit for attending four all day classes. These will be offered during one week in each semester. 

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