Student Recognition

February Student of the Month

MS Activity Student of the Month -- Charlotte Granrud
Charlotte is the president of National Junior Honor Society. She spearheaded the One School One Book activity. She has also been involved with basketball. With all her extracurricular activities, she still makes her schoolwork a priority.

MS Academic Student of the Month -- Lily Gomez
Lily has shown great improvement throughout her 7th grade year. Her teachers are proud of the growth she has made, and we are looking forward to a strong finish to her 7th grade school year. Lily has overcome many academic struggles and is now thriving and being extremely successful. She is putting forth quality work regularly!

HS Academic Student of the Month -- Ella Laycock
Ella goes above and beyond to make sure that she has the tools to be successful and never hesitates to help her fellow students find success as well.

HS Activity Student of the Month -- Eve Shilts
Eve has taken on a lot of leadership roles in the spring musical. She is a dance captain, she has organized team bonding events, and is a constant source of encouragement and positivity to her castmates in middle school and high school.

January Student of the Month

This month, District 6 recognized Andrea Tovanche Gloria in a January Student Spotlight. According to Mr. Byerly, "Andrea’s leadership has brought LULAC back to Frontier and she was elected the LULAC president by her peers. She is a very visible and vocal leader in LULAC and in class. Andrea’s has a good work ethic by taking high level course load and concurrent enrollment. She is community-driven as she spoke to Salida del Sol about Frontier Academy and her experiences."

Click here to see District 6's feature on Andrea, and check out the video below to hear more about Andrea's work with Frontier, LULAC, and the Greeley-Evans community!

Congratulations to the following Secondary January Students of the Month!

MS Academic Student of the Month -- Caden Campbell 
Caden deserves to be the Academic Student of the Month. He decided that during Semester 2 he was going to raise his hand and participate more in class. Caden has reached his goal!! Classmates have even stopped me to recognize the change they have seen in Caden. He is raising his hand and participating everyday! Caden has always been a strong academic student, but this active change has allowed him to be recognized as a well-rounded student with many strengths.

HS Academic Student of the Month -- Meghan Gillmore
Meghan has been a foundational piece of the yearbook staff all year. She rearranged her entire schedule (including an AIMS class) just so that she could take Publications. Her commitment to quality is notable, and she has continued to put in many hours outside of class. Most recently, she was the sole student to come help with final edits for the first deadline submission, spending four solid Friday hours just reading through text and checking for errors. We wouldn't have made our first deadline without her! Great job!!

MS Activity Student of the Month -- Kylee Blevins
Brand new to basketball in 8th grade and showing great effort, potential, growth and positivity, very coachable young lady.

HS Activity Student of the Month -- Jackie Jones
Jackie is a senior on the girls basketball team and has shown great leadership on and off the court. Jackie maintains her grades and is one of the leading scorers on the team.
Jackie has been a four year student athlete for the girls basketball team. She has been dedicated to the program leading the girls team both on and off the court. Her work ethic is visible in how she plays the game. Jackie is top 3 in most stats for the girls program. Through her commitment the team continues to improve and strives to get better.

November Student of the Month

HS Academic Student of the Month -- Sam Stoltz
Samuel is a very responsible, smart, respectful and dedicated student. He always goes far and beyond. Samuel participates actively in class. He is always ready to answer questions and constantly inquiries about the Spanish language and culture.

HS Activity Student of the Month -- Andrea Tovanche Gloria 
For LULAC Leadership/planning for Trunk or Treat and beyond.

MS Academic Student of the Month -- Landon Fanning
Landon is an excellent role model in choir class. He is consistently on task, has a very musical mind, understands music theory very well and is an active participator. He is also an excellent XC runner and is actively involved in sports...a combination that is very healthy (Music and Sports).

MS Academic Student of the Month -- Kaitlyn Newth
Kaitlyn is a model student. She works hard in and out of class. She goes above and beyond my expectations which pays off with her stellar academic performance! But most importantly, she is kind. Kaitlyn repeatedly goes out of her way to help other students. She always has a smile on her face.

MS Activity Student of the Month -- Holden Billiot
Holden has shown dedication to all of his activities. He has balanced Drama, Basketball, and excelling in Orchestra with a great attitude and exemplary effort. Despite his busy schedule, he continues to give 100% of his attention and focus to the activity at hand.

September Student of the Month

HS Academic Student of the Month -- Tanner Loyd
In nominating an Academic Student of the Month, I take into consideration the vision of Frontier Academy; academic achievement, community and citizenship. Ms. Loyd has not only balanced her extracurricular activities with academic excellence, she leads by example through her advocations and attentiveness. Advocating for one's self is a life skill that especially difficult to wade through at such a young age. More inspiring though is her advocating for others. It is this that places Ms. Loyd in a realm of her own. In speaking up for herself and peers, she expresses the leadership qualities that I feel imbue the ultimate goals of the FA community. I am honored and grateful for her leadership within and outside of the classroom.

HS Activity Student of the Month -- Caleb Somer
His work in the production of Alice in Wonderland was impressive, he has really grown as a leader in the theater department. / Caleb was outstanding in his role as the Mad Hatter in our production of "Alice in Wonderland". Over the last four years, Caleb has worked very hard at becoming an amazing actor. His dedication to our program is beyond reproach. He is always one of the first students at rehearsal and has come to help out on Saturdays with the tech crew. His growth as an actor and a person has been a joy to watch.

MS Academic Student of the Month -- Zoey Douglass
Zoey is new to Frontier. She has worked extremely hard to learn new concepts such as Daily Grammar Practice. Her work ethic is exemplary. She is an excellent example of what Frontier students should strive for in the class work.

MS Activity Student of the Month -- Landon Fanning
Landon is exceptional in his devotion to academics as well as participating in sports and extracurricular activities. Somehow he manages to stay organized and on top of everything! Cross country and National Junior Honor Society are just a couple of activities that keep him busy.

August Student of the Month

HS Activity Student of the Month -- Cory Shea (Sophomore)
Cory is taking AP Biology as a sophomore and, despite a taking a class with Juniors and Seniors, Cory is always willing to take risks, ask questions, and do what needs to be done to obtain understanding of the college level content presented. His risk-taking and question asking is beneficial to entire class!

HS Activity Student of the Month -- Sophia Sorbo (Junior)
Sophia is a member of National Honor Society. One of the service projects for NHS is providing after school tutoring. Sophia was the first student to volunteer her time to start after school tutoring, even before it became a requirement for all NHS members. Being in a leadership position such a tutoring can be challenging for anyone, but Sophia has risen to meet those expectations. She is supportive and kind to the students she works with, and is providing them an additional educational resource that is improving their academic performance.

MS Academic Student of the Month -- Jaden Burrows (6th grade)
Jaden is a hardworking student. In the short time we have been in school, she has blossomed into a more confident and courageous student. Jaden is a responsible student and that shows in the success she has with her academics. However, the most impressive moment for me was when Jaden chose to research stage fright for her genius hour project in hopes to overcome her own fears and sing a song in front of the class!

MS Activity Student of the Month -- Corbin Campbell (8th grade)
Corbin has stepped out of his comfort zone and joined Middle School Student Council. He has attended every meeting and was sure to attend the first middle school volleyball game in spirited colors for Frontier.
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