About Core Knowledge

What is Core Knowledge?

Core Knowledge is the nationally-recognized K-8 curriculum Frontier Academy uses in both its Elementary and Middle schools. It is traditional in nature and instills a solid foundation of knowledge and cultural literacy in all students. Students are taught in specific sequences starting in Kindergarten; each unit in each subject builds on previously learned information.

Is Core Knowledge different than “The Common Core?”

Yes! Don’t let the shared word “core” cause confusion. “Common Core” is the largest initiative in the United States to set national education standards and establish consistency in learning from state to state. Currently, these standards are specific to the “core” subjects of mathematics and English/Language Arts. Common Core learning goals outline what each student should be able to know and do at the end of each grade.

You can learn more about Common Core by visiting their official website.

Core Knowledge, on the other hand, is a specific curriculum that details the content every grade studies for each subject. Core Knowledge covers a broad variety of topics in language arts, world history, American history, geography, visual arts, music, mathematics, and science. These “core” topics aim to grow students in both their academic skills and subject-specific knowledge.

In other words, Common Core is the national standard for each grade; Core Knowledge is the curriculum that provides the specific, day-to-day content that actually enables students to meet (and often surpass!) that standard. 

You can learn more about the overall Core Knowledge Sequence here or in the series of books written by E.D. Hirsch, Jr.; the elementary library has this series available for parents to check out.

Does Frontier use Core Knowledge curriculum in High School?

No. Core Knowledge is only designed to cover grades K-8. Our high school builds on the strong foundation the K-8 Core Knowledge Curriculum establishes and has designed a challenging program that will help prepare students for acceptance and achievement in colleges, universities, or other post-secondary programs.

Does Frontier Secondary School meet Common Core standards?

Absolutely. Common Core's national college- and career-ready standards cover grades K-12, and Frontier Academy's high school curriculum is designed to address these standards. In addition, Frontier Academy's high school graduation requirements exceed state-level requirements and surpass the expectations of most other high schools, especially in core areas such as English, Mathematics, and Science. Our curriculum exceeds the 2010 Colorado Commission of Higher Education admission requirements.


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