Executive Committee

The Administrative Unit of Frontier Academy is the Executive Committee/Board, which is responsible for governing Frontier Academy (K-12).

Its attention is necessarily directed to planning, evaluating, and policy-making. Their responsibilities cover many phases of the school program including employees, students, curriculum, finance and facilities. The Executive Committee is an eleven member group, made up of parents/guardians of students and a staff member.

The Executive Committee serves Frontier Academy. Therefore, it desires to provide opportunities for any member of the school community to express interest in and concern for the school. The Board cordially invites, and wishes to encourage everyone to attend its open meetings. However, it must be remembered that Board meetings are conducted to carry on the business of the school. Board meetings are not "public meetings," but meetings held in public, and accordingly a time for public comment shall be a part of every regular board meeting.

Board meetings are usually held the first Thursday of each month. See agendas under the "Documents" tab for exact time and location of each meeting.

Board Members

  • Aaron Carmichael, President (CarmichaelA)
  • Kelley Hekowczyk, Vice President (HekowczykK)
  • Darryl Boyd, Treasurer (BoydD)
  • Isaia Aricayos, Secretary (AricayosI)

  • Tim Pike, Member (PikeT)
  • Erik Sorbo, Member (SorboE)
  • Kristi Ogren, Member (OgrenK)
  • Mike Chavies, Member (ChaviesM)
  • Christina Nichols, Member (NicholsC)

Executive committee members can be e-mailed at (Member)@FrontierAcademy.net